Columbus Blue Jackets

I am still a fan of the woeful Columbus Blue Jackets. My wife has been cured, and become a fan of the Phoenix Coyotes because the Blue Jackets traded her favortite player, Antoine Vermette, to the Coyotes for a ham sandwich and a bottle of spring water. So she now doesn't like the Blue Jackets, so much.

Janelle at a game in Nationwide Arena.

Me at the Italian restaurant across from Nationwide Arena. Everything they sell has milk in it!

One of my favorite Blue Jackets pictures. It's my profile picture on Facebook. Antoine Vermette (50) working hard backchecking while the rest of the team watches. Notice 40 standing in an unatheltic position with his stick off the ice. The first thing they tell you in hockey is not to do every 4 year old hockey player knows! Notice the full house. People who think they know everything about hockey are convinced the Blue Jackets play to an empty house game after game. At the time of this game the Jackets were woeful, worst team in the league.